The Bond Hotel - Hartford, CT
Installation Banquet, Hotel Bond, Hartford, Conn., January, 1950

The Bond Hotel - Hartford, CT

The Hotel Bond History
The Hotel Bond opened its doors in September 1921

Early 1900’s

The Hotel Bond is a historic hotel,  built in two stages in 1913 and 1921, in downtown Hartford, Connecticut by hotelier Harry S. Bond.


The 1950’s brought the decline of the Bond as a new hotel, the Statler, challenged its dominance. The estate of Harry S. Bond, the hotel’s creator, proprietor and first managing director, spiraled into bankruptcy and the celebrated era of the Bond was over.


In 1965, the hotel was sold to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese, which used the building as the home of the Saint Francis Hospital School of Nursing. Most recently, a portion of the hotel has been used for a sports science academy.


The Bond Ballroom reopened in 2001, with the rest of the building becoming a Homewood Suites by Hilton in 2006.


On October 31, 2017, the Bond Ballroom went officially under new ownership and management, Bond Ballroom, LLC.


Today, the Bond Ballroom creates customized events and weddings for each of their clients.